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We bring people together using immersive technologies to support, educate and inform the design process, leading to inclusive designs that work for everyone in society.

The right design, first time.

We do things differently

We believe that the best way to include the needs of everyone within a final design is to engage with, listen to and respect the capacities of those who will eventually use the finished space, place, product or service.  


Unlike the traditional approach of designing for people, our products and services are developed to enable designers to collaborate hand-in-hand with end users.


Using intuitive, empathetic and immersive design tools powered by state of the art visualisation technology, we have developed a suite of products and services that provide a platform for designers, users and stakeholders to connect, collaborate, design, teach and gain valuable insights.   

We connect organisations to end users and experts to ensure that the opinions of everyone are heard and included within the design process. 

This is achieved through the development and use of cutting edge technologies, interwoven into a refined, time and cost saving process to enable faster, empathetic and meaningful design iterations, effective communication and decision making.

Our tools provide valuable insights at the right time throughout the design process to ensure that spaces, places, products and services are inclusive and enjoyable to all.

Let's work together

Theia Immersive

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