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Theia Immersive is made up of human factors, software, accessibility and inclusive designers giving clients the benefit of truly inclusive, joined-up thinking. We are long-term collaborators with extensive experience of working across all aspects of human centered design.

We combine insight and technology to produce accessible and inclusive spaces, places, products and services.

By embracing complex projects and design challenges, we tailor our approach to suit the needs of our clients using an inclusive, human centred design ethos.

Principles governing our approach


Enabling others to experience and understand the user needs through engagement and the use of cutting edge simulation tools.


Providing a platform and services to co-create with end users and stakeholders to optimise the decision making process and leading to better designs. 


Utilising our network of international partners, to deliver training packages, tailored to our customers. With a focus on Inclusive Design and Accessibility.

Partnership & Collaboration

Partnering and collaborating with design experts worldwide, to deliver insights and specialist advice to our customers.

Visualisation & 3D Digitisation

Using our backgrounds in design, human factors, visualisation, software development and simulation to produce cutting-edge visuals, workflows and design tools for use throughout the design process.


Utilising proprietary visual filters, Eyeware is the gateway to a suite of software that allows design professionals to see the world with a variety of eye conditions. Eyeware simulates Colour blindness, Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retinitis Pigmentosa and visual acuity.  These conditions cumulatively affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

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