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Our headsets are designed to for use with our eye condition simulator; Eyeware Mobile. This app can be downloaded through the iOS Google Play stores.


Combining your mobile device with our headset will give you an immerisve first hand experience of what it is like to live with vision loss.


For commercial use of the App (Eyeware Mobile), please contact Theia Immersive to purchase a commercial license.

Eyeware Mobile VR/AR Headset

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  • Once you've unboxed your VR heaset, you will find a QR code (a black and white square with lots of little squares inside it.

    Launch Eyeware Mobile and in the menu, select the simulator option.  A screen with an animation of how to put your phone into the google cardboard will appear.  At the bottom of your screen, you will see an option "SWITCH".  Hold your phone over the QR code on the cardboard for a few seconds.  You should get a confirmation message.  If not, please contact us.